Cycle to Work Schemes


The government's Cycle to Work Scheme initiative let third-party providers offer riders tax-free bikes through their employer. Savings are usually between 25-39% depending upon your income. Repayments are made directly from your salary and big savings are possible. The bike repayments are spread over 12 months. Many providers now have no upper limit (it used to be capped at £1000). This makes Cycle to Work an excellent way to get on a new bike.

There are many Cycle to Work providers out there. We accept the majority of these schemes. Each works in broadly the same way and most employers choose a single scheme for all their applications (but can sign up to several).

We have plenty of experience in this area and are really happy to help out with any questions. Its truly a fantastic way of getting a new bike at a great price.

The Process

- Your employer needs to be registered with one of the below Cycle to Work schemes. If they do not already have a provider setup we strongly advise going with Green Commute Initiative or Cyclescheme as they are the 2 easiest ones to work with.

- View our collection of bikes via our website, choose the bike and equipment you would like, then email us at with your list for a quotation. Please note that discount price items are sometimes not possible for us to honour on some of the Cycle to Work schemes.

- Submit our quote to your employer and they will begin the process to claim your voucher.

- Once approved, a certificate/voucher will be issued to either your employer or directly to you.

- You send a signed copy of this to us via email at

- We get your bike built, ship it and tell your Cycle to Work scheme provider that it has been shipped

- You make 12 monthly payments via salary sacrifice.

- At the end of the 12 months 'hire' period you may have to pay a nominal fee to take ownership of the bike. This is handled differently by different providers. Typically, the provider invites the employee to enter into a free of charge loan of the bike and after the loan period ends the employee makes a nominal payment to take ownership of the bike.

Cycle to Work Providers

There are many Cycle to Work providers out there. Your company may be signed up to one or more of them already. If not, we usually recommend using Green Commute Initiative because they are extremely responsive - we have had companies sign up, process quotes and have a bike shipped from us in under 24 hours! Cyclescheme and gogeta are also excellent choices.

We have outlined the different providers we work with below.

Green Commute Initiative

Green Commute Initiative is a smaller provider but extremely easy for companies and employees to deal with. They offer a very fast turnaround and are who we recommend if an employer doesn't have a scheme set up already. They are super helpful and there is no upper limit to bike value.


Maximise savings with gogeta, the UK’s most generous cycle to work scheme.

Old schemes find ways to reduce savings by removing access to discounted pricing or with final ownership fees. At gogeta we think the way to get more people cycling is by unlocking every way to maximise savings.

  • Access to the best retailer deals
  • No final transfer fees
  • No surcharges
  • No hidden fees

  • Any employer with PAYE payroll can offer gogeta which means that almost everyone in the UK can use it!


    Cyclescheme are the biggest and best known provider of Cycle to Work vouchers. There is now no upper spend limit with them. It is easy for employers to sign up with them.

    Cyclescheme is an employee benefit that saves you 25-39% on a bike and accessories. You pay nothing upfront and the payments are taken tax efficiently from your salary by your employer.

    Cyclescheme have helped provide tax free bikes to over 1 million UK customers since starting!

    Cycle Solutions

    Cycle Solutions are fully approved providers of the Cycle to Work Scheme, making it easy for employers to deliver the benefit to those within their organisation.


    Vivup are a big employee benefits provider. They offer a cycle to work scheme as part of their list of benefits.

    Reward Gateway

    Reward Gateway is another large employee benefits providers. If your company uses them then you can get your new bike from Biketart via their scheme.

    Enjoy Benefits

    Enjoy Benefits offer companies rewards packages for their staff which include a cycle to work scheme. If your company is one of their members then you can buy your new cycle to work bike from us here at Biketart.


    Cycle2Work is run by Halfords. If you're employer has signed up with them then you can get your bike from us here at Biketart. Their website might lean towards Halfords or Tredz (which Halfords own) but Biketart is one of the independent stores that they work with too.


    Bike2Work yet another provider that we work with!