If you're looking for the best MTB shock  - this is it. As seen mounted to many of the most insane dream builds, Push industries are famous in the mountain bike world for the finest shocks money can buy. Even the most advanced frame/linkage platform will be transformed by fitting a Push shock. Expect unimaginable grip, divine travel feel and near limitless tuning capability. The guys based in Northern Colorado really have cemented their reputation as the masters of mountain bike suspension. Each Push shock is built to an exact specification to suit the bike and rider. Should you change bike, a Push shock can be rebuilt or re-tuned to fit other frames making them a shock for life, which is handy as you wont ever want to ride anything else. To go with the sumptuous rear shock, Push offer coil upgrade kits for some of the more popular front forks. This upgrade kit fits both the coil and damper to your fork bringing the expected jump in grip and feel as well as the tuning options you enjoy with the rear shock. At Biketart we have fitted many Push shocks to custom builds so can advise on what will suit you best, so give us a call to discuss fitting and availability.