Why Five Ten’s Stealth Rubber Soles Set The Benchmark For Mountain Bike Shoes

For over 30 years Five Ten has been at the pinnacle of stealth rubber sole technology.

The original Five Tennie approach shoe that hit the market in 1985 set the ball rolling and allowed mountain bikers and climbers to go beyond their limits with a revolutionary stealth rubber sole. It allowed for far better grip which really tested the boundaries of what bikers could achieve.

We know that you have all probably heard of Five Ten shoes but how good are the stealth rubber soles?

What Is Stealth Rubber?

The beginnings of the stealth rubber innovation began with Five Ten’s founder Charles Cole approaching a rubber factory in the 1980s. From there Five Ten has grown into an international brand as a result of the added performance and grip that the stealth rubber soles provides to mountain bikers, climbers and outdoor fanatics alike.

Stealth rubber itself creates an extremely high friction between the sole and the surface.

It combines viscosity and elasticity with microporous cavities to provide enhanced grip and an improved link between the shoe and surface for increased control and performance even on the most rugged of terrain.

Stealth Rubber Five Ten Shoes

Since its humble beginnings 3 decades ago, Five Ten has utilised stealth rubber soles to great effect and there are currently 3 different versions available – Mi6, PH and S1.

The Mi6 stealth rubber soles are among the most sensitive rubber soles around. They combine an interlocked low-force friction design with superior vibration reduction for an all-round high performance mountain bike shoe.

For true stealth lovers the PH model technology was originally developed for the military however it works fantastically well for mountain bikers. The emphasis here is on noise reduction while also boasting great power transfer and bomber traction.

Finally the most versatile compound from Five Ten is their S1 model that is perfectly suited to all conditions whether biking in hot sunny weather or battling the elements in a downpour. The S1 stealth rubber soles incorporates high friction, superior cushioning and heightened durability.

Why Choose Stealth Rubber Soles?

Five Ten was bought over by Adidas in 2011 however the quality of their stealth rubber soles has not diminished – actually it has been quite the opposite and 30 years of research and development has radically changed mountain bike shoe technology.

The range of stealth rubber soles currently available for mountain bikers shows just why this brand is at the forefront of the market. It hasn’t just been the enhanced performance that has set Five Ten apart from the competition in the past 30 years but durability has also played a major role.

With a Five Ten stealth rubber sole you are not only getting the best high performing mountain bike shoe technology out there but you are also receiving a product that lasts.

Durability is often as important as grip and traction when it comes to mountain bike shoes and Five Ten is still the leading brand with shoes such as the Impact VXI, Freerider and Freerider Contact.