Topeak are renowned for their quality and design. Many riders will already be familiar with their Aero Wedge saddle bag which combines aerodynamic properties and functional storage, all with a range of capacities. Topeak provide Mountain bike and Road accessories for an array of amateur and Pro riders. The summer months mean tree cutting and hedge trimming which can lead, as ever, to punctures. If you’re not equipped with Gatorskins or incredibly durable race tyres, you’re probably going to spend one hot afternoon getting a tube into a worn out tyre.

But what do you do when you’re home? The tube goes in the bin and it’s time to pump up. Many of us have struggled frantically with a frame pump – tired biceps pushing at a ridiculously short range for no real results. CO2 canisters can be faster but are not perhaps ideal for the less-seasoned cyclists among us. The Track Pump has been around almost exactly the same amount of time as the first tyre – around 1887. They’ve been at the dispense of Farmers, Pros and Soigneurs for all variety of riders and cyclists. Have you used one? The design should be simple – a long stem and simple valve system. So many of the pumps we’ve used have jagged and awkward fitting pump systems which take a lot of time and patience to get right. You want something which will work immediately. Let’s have a look at the Topeak JoeBlow Max II!

– the Topeak JoeBlow.

The JoeBlow retails here at Biketart for £27.99 – a mouthwatering price considering the features you get! The steel enforced barrel gives rigid and fluid motion whilst pumping. We managed to get up 60 p.s.i. one on of our tire repairs without even breaking a sweat. The extra enforced pump stem is sturdy and gives real force to your push – making it ergonomic and practical. The JoeBlow also has a great gauge with easy to use readings and recommended p.s.i. readings for your tyre. There’s a responsive lever which detects the current pressure and responds with efficiency to even the slightest touch of pressure, something which can be limited in other pump brands. There’s a pin and bladder kit included for your valves which always come in handy for maintenance. The key selling point of this pump is the thumb lock valve adjuster. The valve site is easily applied onto the valve itself and is locked in place with an innovative thumb switch system. The dual head Presta valve fit qualities allow the different conversions between Presta, Dunlop and Schrader valves. This ensures that you’re more than covered for any bikes you need to maintenance – be it your carbon machine, trail killer or Halford’s relic.

– the universal valve adapter allows vast possibilities of compatibility

We were really impressed with the way the pump works and for a practical and manual solution it really fits the bill. This pump is relatively in the entry level range but exceeds expectations and the moulds of the price bracket to rival even some of the more expensive brands from £90+ upwards! Another truly incredible piece of kit from Topeak, who con tinue to impress and push the standards of value for money. The only set back is the storage of a track pump, but at this is a common downfall of the design of all track pumps, we can’t hit the product too harshly. An outstanding piece of kit.