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Seattle based Evil bikes know a thing or too about British mountain biking conditions. Washington state gets more rain than Wales and has year-round mud. So you can guarantee that their frames are up to the tests that your riding will throw at a mountain bike. Specialising in enduro and downhill rigs, Biketart's range of Evil frames is bound to tick the box for even the most hardcore rider.

Evil Bikes have been in the business for a long while and the company is approaching it's fifteenth birthday. Working with legendary suspension designed Dave Weagle has meant that have uniquely brilliant suspension set up. The incredibly low pivot point means almost no pedal feedback at all. The multi-link Delta system also gives real bottomless travel feel without any sticking points. It may look complicated, but the Delta system is actually very simple. A flip link isolates the shock from the swing arm. This stops pedal feedback affecting your ride. Meanwhile the three point swingarm link flattens the S-curve of the suspension and removes stiction. Finally the shock is cradled by the frame, well out of the way of mud and rocks. 

Evil's frames are all constructed from top grade carbon fibre. Early hiccups mean that Evil Bikes have found out exactly who to trust in Tawian to build the best possible framesets. The designs all feature a massive oversize headtube to take serious fork torque. The rear triangle is super compact to tuck the back wheel in. Evil's main frame is reinforced there is needs to be and they all swoop beautifully. From the Five frame designs available, you get everything from chubby trail bike, to trail 29er, to mini DH monster.  Evil have favoured 29ers from the start, but also offer 27.5 and 26+ options so no one feels left out.

Newest to the Evil lineup is the Following MB (more betterer) with 120mm travel rear travel, 29" wheels and 140mm fork capacity. Also new last year was the Calling, a 'choose your own' machine capable of taking 27.5 or 26+ wheels for 'normal' trails and big rock terrain. Established models include the original 120mm trave Following, 151mm travel 27.5" wheel Insurgent and aggressive Wreckoning long travel 29er. The last of these is the only enduro 29er to record downhill wins on the North American race circuit - amazing.

Evil are  highly innovative company, always looking to that extra edge. Offering a bike, the Calling, which can run 27.5" wheels or 26+ is just one example. Protecting down tubes from rock strike is a norm for most carbon bikes now, but Evil were one of the first to do it. Getting spares for many bikes involves hours on the internet or visiting ten bike shops. With Evil you just hit their website and order what you need. Every bike is equipped with a chain retention device, so you don't have to fit one aftermarket. Evil were the very first company in the world to go completely 1x specific. 

Biketart offer all the frames for custom build, but watch out for occasional full build specials. The UK importer for Evil sometimes comes up with something classy and we always get first refusal, giving you a complete bargain. Otherwise contact Biketart's expert custom build team and we be more than happy to create your dream Evil bike. Just pick a model and give us a call.