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Avid are part of the SRAM group and develop cable, hydraulic and canti-lever brakes. Produced to work seamlessly with SRAM drivetrain products, Avid brakes and levers are found on the bikes of the world's best enduro, XC and downhill riders.Sliced bread came along in 1928 and the MTB world got it's own 'sliced bread moment' in 1992 when Avid introduced the first and lightest V-Brake caliper to the market. It would be another five years before a certain Japanese component brand caught up, by which time Avid has already moved on.

While their rim brakes were innovative and without equal, it was with the disc brake that Avid really moved things forwards. Clunky early hydraulic systems were made to look second rate when Avid launched the cable actuated 'Ball Bearing Disc Brake'. These days the BB models are still going strong and found on everything from affordable MTBs to upgraded cyclocross bikes to mid-range road machines. Simple to set up, powerful and incredibly reliable, the Avid BB models remain the standard against which other mechanical disc brakes are measured.

But no successful company stands still and the same is true of Avid. Working in tandem with their gearing partners at SRAM, Avid have continued to produce market leading hydraulic disc brakes both under their own and the parent company's name. From the Avid only stable the awesome Code brake range continue to offer masses of power to the gravity and enduro set, with multiple international wins to its name. At the more affordable end of the market, Avid are offering some serious competition with the DB3 and DB1 matching amazing performance with an even more amazing price. Avid's disc rotors are without equal in performance terms too. Pads by Avid are hard wearing and easy to replace.

Avid have not abandoned their roots either. They produce a wonderful range of rim brakes for MTB and cyclocross machines. For anyone looking to keep things as light and simple as possible, the Single Digit (for MTBs) and Shorty brakes (for Cycocross bikes) do the job beautifully. World tour and gravel riders take heed.

Every cyclists needs to come to a halt at some point. For mountain bikers, Avid make the best disc brakes going and for rim brake enthusiasts there is no one better to turn to. If you can't find the Avid product you were looking on the Biketart website, just visit their main page and give us a call - we will order the Avid kit you want.

 "Brakes help you stop, Avid makes you fly"