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Öhlins Suspension: The New Old Kid on the Block

Öhlins Suspension: The New Old Kid on the Block Aah, Sweden, a country of moose, forests, reliable cars, friendly blond giants and, um, the highest performance suspension company in the world. Who knew? Well, pretty much everyone in motor sport it turns out. For a shade over forty years, Öhlins has been offering some of the finest precision manufactured suspension products that motorcyclists (and race car drivers) could lay their hands on. Luckily for us mountain bikers, Öhlins have now started making shocks and forks for our particular brand of... Read More

Fox Clothing: Forty Years of Looking Great on a Bike

Fox Head History: Fox Clothing at Forty Heads or tails people? To most of us that means flipping a coin for an outcome based on chance. Handing over our fate to Lady Luck. A gamble. To the staff at Fox it is a very different proposition. When you ask a Fox employee if they are heads or tails, you are delving deep into the very souls. Are they one of guys who develops world leading suspension technology, that has been blowing the world away since the seventies (a Tail) or... Read More

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It’s All in the Weave: Carbon Fibre Frames Explained

“Wow, it’s a lot lighter than it looks!” says my non biking friend, looking impressed, as he hefts my full bouncer with one hand. “That’s because the frame, cranks and wheels are made of carbon fibre.” I nod sagely, looking slightly smug. “Amazing! I didn’t think you could make mountain bikes out of carbon fibre. I thought they’d break.” “Er, no, its, um, stronger carbon fibre than in road bikes, so they can, you know, use it for mountain bikes and stuff.” I’m getting a bit out of my depth... Read More

Saracen Bikes: From the Top to the Bottom and Back in Three Decades

It is a little hard to fathom, at times, but the little sport of mountain biking is almost forty years old.  Those hairy hippies on Mount Tam were charging their clunkers down inadvisable slopes at barely believable speeds while many modern mountain bikers were no more than a twinkle in their parents’ eyes and this blogger hadn’t yet graduated to two wheels. British mountain bike brands took a few more years to start to appear, but by the early 1980s, there were a handful of UK based brands creating new-fangled... Read More


Brand New Genesis 2017 – Episode One

Genesis 2017 – New Bikes and Brilliant Updates The time and finally come and, following several weeks of social media teasing, the brand new 2017 Genesis bike line has arrived! Here at Biketart we are immensely excited to share the very newest Genesis bikes with you and let you know about some of the cool updates to existing models. So without further ado…the new stuff. Brand New Models First up we have the Zero Disc, which Genesis have been sneakily hinting at for a while. What’s it all about then?... Read More

Click or Collect- Why Local Bike Shops Matter

With summer holidays approaching, I picked up a few last minutish items online. Some super high strength sun cream (I don’t have skin, I have a translucent layer of rice paper laid over my flesh), a couple of ‘best summer read’ books and something called a ‘cover up’ to add to my partner’s swimwear wardrobe. All done without leaving the comfort of the couch, leaving me more time to check the Facebook updates of people already on holiday and to start a sort of ‘gloating countdown’ as a build up... Read More

Wet Root Dreams: Confessions of a 24 Hour Race Virgin

All I can see is the front tyre and my bars. Everything else is blurred. I get hints of trail – a rock here, a dip there. Suddenly there’s a rise in the track, slightly off camber. Slick roots reveal themselves on the upslope. It is no more than eighteen inches high, but I find myself panicking. I’m carrying too much speed. I’m going to be launched into the trees. I grab a handful of rear brake and, for some reason, the front wheel locks up. The tyres catches on... Read More

Biketart’s Other Half: A guide to cyclists for their significant others

Biketart know that you don’t buy every bit of kit for yourself. Sometimes the significant other in your life would like to buy you a present or help out a desperate family member trying to work out what the heck to get you for your birthday. Heck, they might even want to ride with you. With this in mind, we turned to the partner of one of our staff for a bit of an insight in to dos and don’ts of living with a cyclist. Next time your other half... Read More

Biketart in the Forest: bike, boar and border raids

Biketart in The Forest: bikes, boar and border raids   For those of you who join our regular HQ rides, you’ll know that Biketart staff do actually ride bikes and know the local Kent trails well. We do not, sadly, get to ride as often or as far afield as we would like. Nor do we have the opportunity to see the wider world of mountain biking as much as we want to. There are so many amazing places to ride around the UK and, while we recognise the appeals... Read More


Biketart Preview : Le Tour de France 2016

This year’s Tour is set up for a Grand Depart from Mont St Michel – and a depart of sorts from a familiar Tour format. This year, the route reaches the fabled Pyrenees before the first rest day which is set to put a spanner in the works of Grand Tour hopefuls looking to impress on World Cycling’s biggest stage. This year’s parcours is very much changeable and sees an opportunity for Climbers, Breakaway Specialists and Roulers as the Tour progresses. Undoubtedly the overall favourite is Chris Froome – already... Read More