Hope Bleed 28/04/2015
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How to Bleed Hope Disc Brakes

Are you wondering how to bleed your Hope hydraulic disc brakes? Here’s a very hand video guide on doing it from Hope. This is based on the Tech 3 lever but the principle is the same across the Hope range. You’ll be bleeding brakes like a pro in no time!

MTB Videos of the Week

Madeira Dreaming with Pat Campbell-Jenner Pat riding his Banshee Rune mountain bike on Madeira island. As a regular visitor to Biketart (and always with biscuits), this has to make the cut this week!   Riding The White Line Sedona has some awesome mountain bike trails. They don’t all have this much exposure though!   Red Bull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo 2015 Tomas Slavik shows you what its like to race the Valparaiso urban mountain bike course  

MTB Videos of the Week

It’s light out ’til 6 and that’ll be 7.30pm when the clocks change later this month. You can almost smell summer. Here’s some of our favourite videos out this week to while away the last of winter. Fox Spring ’15 DH Gear – featuring Stevie Smith and Connor Fearon and Ratboy Fox’s season launch videos are always spot on and this is no exception. One Lap – Lars Sternberg & Luke Strobel shred Xanadu If there were trails like this on our doorstep we’d not get anything done Eddie Masters Gets... Read More