Biketart’s Other Half: A guide to cyclists for their significant others

Biketart know that you don’t buy every bit of kit for yourself. Sometimes the significant other in your life would like to buy you a present or help out a desperate family member trying to work out what the heck to get you for your birthday. Heck, they might even want to ride with you. With this in mind, we turned to the partner of one of our staff for a bit of an insight in to dos and don’ts of living with a cyclist. Next time your other half... Read More

Biketart in the Forest: bike, boar and border raids

Biketart in The Forest: bikes, boar and border raids   For those of you who join our regular HQ rides, you’ll know that Biketart staff do actually ride bikes and know the local Kent trails well. We do not, sadly, get to ride as often or as far afield as we would like. Nor do we have the opportunity to see the wider world of mountain biking as much as we want to. There are so many amazing places to ride around the UK and, while we recognise the appeals... Read More


Biketart Preview : Le Tour de France 2016

This year’s Tour is set up for a Grand Depart from Mont St Michel – and a depart of sorts from a familiar Tour format. This year, the route reaches the fabled Pyrenees before the first rest day which is set to put a spanner in the works of Grand Tour hopefuls looking to impress on World Cycling’s biggest stage. This year’s parcours is very much changeable and sees an opportunity for Climbers, Breakaway Specialists and Roulers as the Tour progresses. Undoubtedly the overall favourite is Chris Froome – already... Read More

Tubeless Road Tyres: A Revolution in Waiting

Tubeless Road Tyres – A Revolution in Waiting Some changes in cycling have been big, brash and blatant. The move from skinny tubed steel frames to large diameter aluminium and carbon was immediately obvious to anyone looking. No one, even casual riders can miss the jump to disc brakes on mountain bikes, commuter cycles and, finally, road bikes (take that UCI!). The migration of road shifters from down tube to bar can even be picked up by non-cyclists. Suspension forks and shocks on off roaders are so in-your-face that kids... Read More


Job Opportunity – Online Content Editor

Biketart are looking for a new member of our eCommerce team to create new products on our website and engaging content for our customers. We’re in a fast moving industry and need to get the ever-changing products we stock onto the website and looking good. The role also includes assisting with production of blog, social media and newsletter content. You need to have a strong product knowledge of mountain bikes, components and accessories. You must be an excellent writer, able to describe products and convey their technical features and benefits... Read More


Kent Sport Cycling Roundup: June 2015

Welcome to the inaugural Cycling round up for May/June. This column is presented by Biketart. In the following months, we will be covering the most high profile races in Kent and the South East. With summer in full swing, plenty of road races and time trials have been around and about with some interest from Top UK Teams. The SERRL Championships came on the 17th May over 140km around Woodchurch. A clean sweep for Pedal Heaven saw 6 riders taking up the first positions including Tour Series star Alex Paton. Robert... Read More


Biketart Feature : Your First Century

Riding 100 miles is a daunting challenge. Even on flat terrain, over 5 hours of constant riding is enough to stress even the fittest of endurance cyclists. With most UK sportives now offering an 100 mile option, more and more recreational cyclists are taking on longer miles this summer. If you’re doing an event like the London-Paris, chances are you’re going to encounter a long day (80-95 Miles) consecutively. So, how do we prepare? Long Term Plan (4-6 months) Get the base in – Riding long miles in the winter... Read More


Biketart Does : Eastbourne Criterium

On Sunday 14th June I (Will) returned to the Sunshine Coast in Eastbourne for the 4th Category Criterium. I went to University for my first year here so know the town pretty well and was excited to make my return. Setting off from my home in Lympne it took approximately 1hr 40 so it was a chance to relax and breathe in the rest of the journey.  – The View from Eastbourne Pier. It looks muggy and cold but it was a very hot day with humid conditions. After unpacking... Read More


Bad King John on a bike: 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta

Biketart joined in the 800th Anniversary  celebrations of the signing of  the Magna Carta with a fun new window illustration at the Canterbury City Store by local artist Lesley Lindsay-Watson. The window depicts Bad King John on a bike with the nursery rhyme from AA Milne. Lesley said “I remember the tale of King John’s Christmas from when I was a child, and that sparked my imagination. There’s a great image of  Bad King John riding a horse on the seal of the Magna Carta – but we thought it would be... Read More

Biketart Does: Thanet RC Club 10

After negotiations with Thanet RC I decided to join in for a night of time trialling. After a week of riding in France and a space booked in for the Eastbourne Criterium next weekend I thought it’d be a good opportunity to test the legs. I have a Trek 1.2 Triple which was my first race bike – I’ve put clip on Tri Bars on it and lowered the profile to make it more aero. See below.  – Trek 1.2 triple converted into a TT machine. I set out from... Read More