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Santa Cruz 5010 – UK trails dream machine?

It’s hard to find a bike that ticks every type of mountain biking requirement but Santa Cruz’s 5010 certainly comes close for a large proportion of the UK’s trails. With 130mm travel front and back it has enough travel to allow you to enjoy features whilst still being twitchy on tight, twisty, single track. The 5010 is one of our best-selling bikes and for good reason. Rather than just telling you what we think, we asked one of our long-standing customers, Will Nelson. Will has been ragging his Santa Cruz... Read More

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It’s a Blur – Looking back and forward at the Santa Cruz Blur

The Santa Cruz Blur – A full carbon comeback story There have been a lot of classic names in mountain biking, that have come back, years later, to remind us how great they were. From the return of the Ibis Mojo in 2005, to Orange’s rehabilitation of the Clockwork, to the rebirth of the Malverns Classic race events, we mountain bikers love a good resurrection. And so it is certain to be with the Santa Cruz Blur. Absent from our trails since the LT2 C was replaced by the Tallboy... Read More

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Santa Cruz Bronson: The next word in trail riding

Santa Cruz Bronson – the next word in trail riding It started with a rumour, the whisper was that 650b was coming. Santa Cruz heard it early and Bike Magazine’s Seb Kemp was in on the action. Invited to test a ‘mule’ way back in 2012, he got the first taste of a new 150mm all mountain quiver killer – what was to become the Santa Cruz Bronson. Way back in the early days of Mountain Biking, Tom Ritchey has suggested that he and his Mount Tam riding buddies should... Read More


Biketart Feature: The Road Disc Revolution

Disc brakes have been common place in Mountain biking for over 10 years now. The precision, improved stopping distance and weight are all attractive qualities which make this type of braking system favourable over hydraulic brakes. Can the same be said for Road Bikes? The UCI has recently announced it is going to begin trialling Disc Brakes in August and September. World Tour teams will be allowed to trial disc brakes on their bikes at 2 events between these months. It’s a big step in bike component history, and through... Read More


Biketart Review: Topeak JoeBlow Max II

Topeak are renowned for their quality and design. Many riders will already be familiar with their Aero Wedge saddle bag which combines aerodynamic properties and functional storage, all with a range of capacities. Topeak provide Mountain bike and Road accessories for an array of amateur and Pro riders. The summer months mean tree cutting and hedge trimming which can lead, as ever, to punctures. If you’re not equipped with Gatorskins or incredibly durable race tyres, you’re probably going to spend one hot afternoon getting a tube into a worn out... Read More


Biketart Review: Endura Pakajak

Sure, the British summertime is rolling ever quicker towards us. But does that mean you should pack away your wet weather riding kit? For anyone who’s lived in this Hemisphere for more than a year, you’ll know that the conditions out there can change in an instant. I finished a hard block of training recently which was cut short due to a chill I picked up during a 5 hour ride. I’d headed out in a jersey and shorts and the forecast was clear for the day – about 3... Read More


What are plus size tyres? The 27.5+ and 29+ Revolution

A fairly recent innovation in mountain bike riding is the evolution and growth of the fat bike (and the tyres it touts) into the relative mainstream of mountain biking. Whilst true fat bikes are never going to be an everyman choice the bike industry is pinning its hopes on a new plus sized standard that is a whole lot more marketable. 27.5+  This is a ~3 inch wide tyre on a 27.5 inch rim. This is compatible with some existing 29″ frames if clearance allows as it is almost equivalent in... Read More


Review: Sako 7 Socks

The style of socks has changed throughout the years in road cycling. As fashion changes and Bell-bottom jeans become the old and tight jeans the new, the same can be said for cycling socks. Racers in the mid 90’s adopted short 2″ cuff designs barely grazing the bottom of their calf. Nowadays in the pro peleton anything under 3″ is considered unusual. So, with a fair bit of thought into socks, I stumbled over the Sako 7 Socks on Instagram. With my Orange and Black VO2 bike I like to... Read More