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Santa Cruz 5010 – UK trails dream machine?

It’s hard to find a bike that ticks every type of mountain biking requirement but Santa Cruz’s 5010 certainly comes close for a large proportion of the UK’s trails. With 130mm travel front and back it has enough travel to allow you to enjoy features whilst still being twitchy on tight, twisty, single track. The 5010 is one of our best-selling bikes and for good reason. Rather than just telling you what we think, we asked one of our long-standing customers, Will Nelson. Will has been ragging his Santa Cruz... Read More

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It’s a Blur – Looking back and forward at the Santa Cruz Blur

The Santa Cruz Blur – A full carbon comeback story There have been a lot of classic names in mountain biking, that have come back, years later, to remind us how great they were. From the return of the Ibis Mojo in 2005, to Orange’s rehabilitation of the Clockwork, to the rebirth of the Malverns Classic race events, we mountain bikers love a good resurrection. And so it is certain to be with the Santa Cruz Blur. Absent from our trails since the LT2 C was replaced by the Tallboy... Read More

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It’s All in the Weave: Carbon Fibre Frames Explained

“Wow, it’s a lot lighter than it looks!” says my non biking friend, looking impressed, as he hefts my full bouncer with one hand. “That’s because the frame, cranks and wheels are made of carbon fibre.” I nod sagely, looking slightly smug. “Amazing! I didn’t think you could make mountain bikes out of carbon fibre. I thought they’d break.” “Er, no, its, um, stronger carbon fibre than in road bikes, so they can, you know, use it for mountain bikes and stuff.” I’m getting a bit out of my depth... Read More


Santa Cruz Nomad – an evolution in Enduro

Santa Cruz Nomad – an evolution in Enduro When you want to talk about the Santa Cruz Nomad, you are not just discussing a bike, but the evolution of a whole riding and racing genre. A bike that manages to be simultaneously one of the most cutting edge, technologically advanced machines on the market and an icon of modern mountain biking. Before we get there though, a little bike history for you. Deep in the mists of time, people rode bikes up hills and then they rode them back down... Read More

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Santa Cruz Bronson: The next word in trail riding

Santa Cruz Bronson – the next word in trail riding It started with a rumour, the whisper was that 650b was coming. Santa Cruz heard it early and Bike Magazine’s Seb Kemp was in on the action. Invited to test a ‘mule’ way back in 2012, he got the first taste of a new 150mm all mountain quiver killer – what was to become the Santa Cruz Bronson. Way back in the early days of Mountain Biking, Tom Ritchey has suggested that he and his Mount Tam riding buddies should... Read More

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Santa Cruz Bikes – A History of High Performance

Santa Cruz Bikes – A History of High Performance Santa Cruz Bicycles was founded in 1993 in a space the size of a single car garage in the Seabright Cannery, in Santa Cruz California. From the very beginning, they innovated, producing a ‘simple yet advanced’ full suspension bike, the Tamzon, as their first bike. So innovative , that it would be several years before they even bothered with a hardtail and when they did, the Chameleon went on to define the hardcore hardtail genre for another two decades. Originally a... Read More

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Black Friday Biketart Sale

Black Friday We’ve got some special Black Friday deals on this weekend… and everything is black! There may be some extra deals popping up on the site today too so keep checking the event page. Save over 40% on some products like this Saracen Myst X frame. So grab yourself a pre-Christmas treat  from 661 to Yeti and everything in between! Sale ends on Cyber Monday….

Bronson 25/02/2014

Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon Custom Build

The Santa Cruz Bronson C is one of the most popular bikes out there at the moment. With 150mm travel on the rear matched with a 150/160mm fork and 27.5” wheels, it is an incredibly capable all rounder. The Bronson is available in both carbon and alloy guises. The Carbon version weighing in at a svelte 5.3lbs and the alloy version coming in at 6.8lbs. If your budget doesn’t stretch to a carbon one don’t be deterred, as the alloy version has the same geometry but with a beefed up... Read More

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Tom’s Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon

This is a bit of a superbike! Tom works at Biketart and is the head of bike sales, he spends a lot of time speccing up bikes for customers. This is his own bike… Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon with Fox Float X RockShox Pike RCT3 Solo Air Race Face Sixc carbon cranks and bars Chris King hubs on Stan’s Flow EX rims Saint 1×10 with Race Face Narrow/Wide ring Reverb Stealth Hope M4 brakes Connex chain.