Öhlins Suspension: The New Old Kid on the Block

Öhlins Suspension: The New Old Kid on the Block Aah, Sweden, a country of moose, forests, reliable cars, friendly blond giants and, um, the highest performance suspension company in the world. Who knew? Well, pretty much everyone in motor sport it turns out. For a shade over forty years, Öhlins has been offering some of the finest precision manufactured suspension products that motorcyclists (and race car drivers) could lay their hands on. Luckily for us mountain bikers, Öhlins have now started making shocks and forks for our particular brand of... Read More

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Wider Road Tyres – Busting the ‘Skinny is Faster’ Myth

Wider Road Tyres – Busting the ‘Skinny is Faster’ Myth Once upon a time, in the UK at least, the bicycle was a utilitarian beast. It had to get you to work, carried out leisure riding duties at the weekend, transported you to the neighbouring village for wooing purposes and, every now and then, got used for racing. As the sport of cycling progressed, however, such work horses were sidelined by the racing establishment in favour of lighter, faster, dedicated speed machines. Throughout the 1990s and into the 2000s, as... Read More

Hope Bleed 28/04/2015
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How to Bleed Hope Disc Brakes

Are you wondering how to bleed your Hope hydraulic disc brakes? Here’s a very hand video guide on doing it from Hope. This is based on the Tech 3 lever but the principle is the same across the Hope range. You’ll be bleeding brakes like a pro in no time!


New Hope Cranks

This has been a long time coming, but finally the much anticipated Hope cranks are revealed. Back in 2009 Hope was rumoured to be designing a revolutionary mountain bike crankset. 6 years have since passed and Hope are now ready to join the hugely competitive battle of the cranks. With FSA, Shimano and Raceface already boasting their own unique systems, Hope has joined the game showcasing a product that has the potential to extinguish the competition.         Hope have introduced a system that features a unique expanding spline axle/arm,... Read More