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Ard Moors 2018 – epic big-country racing

Ard Events is rapidly building a reputation for delivering excellent racing on exclusive trails combined with camping and a festival atmosphere. Growing in popularity like it’s big sister, Ard Rock, Ard Moors is the early autumn race to be seen at. At Biketart we love a road trip and a chance to race a selection of North Yorkshire’s finest private land trails was too much to resist. Biketart team members Ryan and Vicky were joined by Tom, a good friend of ours and passionate Santa Cruz owner. Camping opened on... Read More

Fox Clothing: Forty Years of Looking Great on a Bike

Fox Head History: Fox Clothing at Forty Heads or tails people? To most of us that means flipping a coin for an outcome based on chance. Handing over our fate to Lady Luck. A gamble. To the staff at Fox it is a very different proposition. When you ask a Fox employee if they are heads or tails, you are delving deep into the very souls. Are they one of guys who develops world leading suspension technology, that has been blowing the world away since the seventies (a Tail) or... Read More


Five Ten’s Stealth Rubber Shoes

Why Five Ten’s Stealth Rubber Soles Set The Benchmark For Mountain Bike Shoes For over 30 years Five Ten has been at the pinnacle of stealth rubber sole technology. The original Five Tennie approach shoe that hit the market in 1985 set the ball rolling and allowed mountain bikers and climbers to go beyond their limits with a revolutionary stealth rubber sole. It allowed for far better grip which really tested the boundaries of what bikers could achieve. We know that you have all probably heard of Five Ten shoes... Read More