Adam Westwood


Biketart Does : Eastbourne Criterium

On Sunday 14th June I (Will) returned to the Sunshine Coast in Eastbourne for the 4th Category Criterium. I went to University for my first year here so know the town pretty well and was excited to make my return. Setting off from my home in Lympne it took approximately 1hr 40 so it was a chance to relax and breathe in the rest of the journey.  – The View from Eastbourne Pier. It looks muggy and cold but it was a very hot day with humid conditions. After unpacking... Read More

Biketart Does: Thanet RC Club 10

After negotiations with Thanet RC I decided to join in for a night of time trialling. After a week of riding in France and a space booked in for the Eastbourne Criterium next weekend I thought it’d be a good opportunity to test the legs. I have a Trek 1.2 Triple which was my first race bike – I’ve put clip on Tri Bars on it and lowered the profile to make it more aero. See below.  – Trek 1.2 triple converted into a TT machine. I set out from... Read More


Biketart Does: Penshurst Downhill Freeriders Championship Round 2 (PORC)

Our riders Tom Gredley (Griz) and Ryan Shaw took on the Downhill Freeriders Championship at PORC with Sam Mousley. Below we have race reports from Griz and Ryan. Tom Gredley (Griz) Race Report  Griz was originally skeptical about the weather. For May, It had turned out to be a pretty great day with a dry track and nice conditions. Griz had previously raced here last year in a Charity race, placing 2nd for a spot on the podium. At the time, Griz raced on the same bike with the same... Read More


Biketart Feature: Buying your next road bike

There’s an array of brands, shapes, sizes, colours and builds of bike out there for you to buy. What looks the shiniest might not necessarily mean durability, practicality and comfortability. We like to advise our customers not to the most expensive bike, but rather to the bike that is actually going to serve them their purpose. Sportive riding, commuting and racing are all different aspects of riding a bicycle. Buying from a bike shop like Biketart is a good decision because of the quality of after care you receive. Below... Read More


Biketart Feature: How to Corner Faster (Downhill and MTB)

Even if you’re a weekend rider, you can take some serious advantages away from learning to corner faster. Do you ever find yourself losing traction or awkwardly exiting tight corners? We’ve got some tips from our Downhill rider Tom Gredley (Griz) on how to corner properly and take the racing line. Griz has been busy racing at PORC, Aston Hill, Rogate, Forest of Dean, Innerleithen and the Mega Avalanche with Ryan and Sam over the years, so the trio have a wealth of experience behind them. This feature is beneficial to... Read More


Biketart Feature: Preventing and Treating Saddle Sores

After a week of riding and racing in the Pyrenees, I encountered an unexpected level of pain in my undercarriage. Let it be said – this article may be touching on the taboos of both mountain biking and road cycling – but it’s a necessary evil. Saddle Sores and Saddle Rash are debilitating conditions which should never be ignored. From my experience there’s an array of causes for saddle rash and saddle sores, not limited to; Poor Hygiene Differing Temperatures Quality of Kit Age of Kit Hours or Days spent... Read More


Biketart Does: Le Col du Soulor

Following on from my special segments on the Pyrenees, our final climb of the week came to be the Col du Soulor. Forming the first half of the Aubisque climb, we could not finish the whole mountain due to Time Constraints (and some tired legs) so we conquered only the first Col. Starting from Argeles-Gazost, this climb is around 19km long and is an average of 4%. This sounds quite gentle but the reality of the climb can be a bit harsher than it sounds. On Friday 22nd May we... Read More


Biketart Does: Le Col du Tourmalet

We shook our legs out after a hilly run yesterday to Montaner, a tiny Chateau village with a restaurant and Cafe. Rising today, the 21st May, we have the biggest challenge of the week so far. After scoring a 5th Fastest time up the Cirque de Gavarnie, I was hopeful to get in a better performance on last year’s Tourmalet ascent and beat a best time. The climb of the Tourmalet starts in Luz-Saint Saveur, a common place for the mountains we have done and planned this week. The climb... Read More


Biketart Does : Le Cirque de Gavarnie

A group of friends and I have been lucky enough to travel down to our house in the Haute Pyrenees at a tiny commune called Sauveterre. After a delay on the Eurotunnel, we arrived 12 hours later at the very bottom of France at the foothill of some beautiful mountains. The dreary scenery of Northern France came and went with the passing rain and – as ever – the French locals have already emblazoned us with incredible stories. At one service station we were asked if we were a Pro... Read More


Bike Tart Feature : How To Change Bar Tape

Changing Bar Tape can be a pain, particularly if you’re a fan of the Euro Look White bar tape. It gets dirty, covered in sweat and goes bad after 3-4 rides. Even black bar tape can be coloured drained and look old, adding an unattractive air to even the prettiest of bikes. Luckily, we’ve compiled a comprehensive How To on bar tape application. This is perfect if you’ve bough our Deda, Cube or other range of Bar Tapes. The item’s you’ll need are as follows; Scissors/Snippers New Bar Tape Bar Ends (Should... Read More