Santa Cruz 5010 – UK trails dream machine?

It’s hard to find a bike that ticks every type of mountain biking requirement but Santa Cruz’s 5010 certainly comes close for a large proportion of the UK’s trails. With 130mm travel front and back it has enough travel to allow you to enjoy features whilst still being twitchy on tight, twisty, single track. The 5010 is one of our best-selling bikes and for good reason.

Rather than just telling you what we think, we asked one of our long-standing customers, Will Nelson. Will has been ragging his Santa Cruz 5010 for the last year and over a ride in our local woods, we caught up with Will to get his feedback.

First off, what made you choose the 5010? I wanted a fast able trail bike. I had a bad experience with a direct sales brand and after lots of research and trying bikes at Biketart I felt it was a great fit for my riding. I like the brand and the security of local bike shop customer service. Biketart were great to deal with and having previously looked after my other bikes, I knew they would set it up the way I wanted it.

After riding it for a year, what do you like best about the bike? It’s a really, really fast bike. It’s very poppy and sometimes feels like a jump bike but still feels very strong. I like the way you can spend a day pedalling cross country but then shred gnarly downhill runs straight after.

Where do you ride mainly? All over Kent – there’s a surprising diversity of trails here from XC to DH.  

Did you make any changes to the spec when you bought it and why? Yes. XT brakes, KS Dropper, GX drive chain. I didn’t like the SRAM level T brakes that were specced. I have since put 150mm Rockshox Pikes upfront and a DMR stem. Turns the bike into a proper ripper. I loved the 130mm forks but as my interests have moved more towards jumping and DH I needed a bit more. I can now plough over roots and rocks and still keep the speed of the 130 travel.

What’s your riding background?  I rode BMX as a youth and then got into mountain biking in 2016 following an ankle injury.

What’s been your favourite ride on this bike?  LOL – I can’t answer this. There have been too many to choose in the last year!

So there you have it – thanks for sharing your experiences with us, Will. If you’d like to have a look at the Santa Cruz 5010 give us a call and if you’ve got one and are interested in getting a bit more travel why not have a look at the RockShox Pike or the Fox 34.

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