Griz’s Favourite Things

Tom (Griz) works at Biketart at weekends as mechanic and on the showroom floor. He’s ridiculously quick on a bike and is very good at making cider. These are his favourite things.


Urge Down-O-Matic Helmet
Comfortable, affordable and guaranteed by Mondraker and Fabien Barel to makeyou at least 23% faster on track. Also has funky looking vents.

Orange 224 Evo
Anyone who has been into mountain bikes for more than a few minutes will know the legend and legacy of Orange’s world beating 22X bikes. The latest
incarnation is better than ever, and quite possibly still the best big track DH sled available.

Crank Brothers Iodine Wheelset

Shiny. Now with better free-hub, sealing and a long warranty. Win.

Dakine Covert Gloves
comfortable, grippy and lightweight. Not the burliest gloves out there, but if like me you aren’t a fan of heavyweight armoured gloves then these are spot on.

Pedros Cable Cutters
Anyone who has struggled to cut gear or brake cables with a pair of mostly blunt side cutters will appreciate these. They make short work of anything you can fit between the jaws. We use these in the workshop here at Biketart, so they must be good.

Biketart Zip Hoody
Guaranteed to make you 300% more attractive to the opposite sex (or indeed to the same sex, if that’s how you roll).

SRAM XX cassette
The ultimate 10 speed mountain bike cassette. So beautifully made it seems wrong to actually fit it to a bike and get it muddy.

Spiuk Kronos time trial helmet
Wear it backwards to look like Concorde.

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