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Bliss are all about mountain bike protection. They have a full range of body armour from knee pads and elbow pads through to spine guards and full suits. The Minimalist series of products are what they sound like - super light and slim to wear on all rides. The Team and Vertical series offer greater protection for more aggressive riding.

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Located in Marktredwitz, in the rolling forest hills of East Germany/ West Bohemia, Bliss Protection have access to some of the best and most extensive trail networks in Europe. Back in 2006, founder Matthias Ascher wanted to push his limits on local trails and in the nearby Bavarian alps. Unhappy with the quality and styling of the available knee pads at the time, he designed his own and Bliss Protection was born. Working with a crew of riders, Ascher and Bliss Protection completely revolutionised the way knee & elbow pads feel and function on mountain bikes.

Fast forward twelve years and Bliss Protection still create some of the most innovative and comfortable pads you can possibly strap to your body. They have added, spine protection, full body armour, crash shorts and back protector back packs to the range. Also, because it snows a lot in East Germay every Winter, Bliss Protection produce some great snow sports protective gear. 

One of the key innovations that the Bliss Protection came up with was their S2 Lab produced 'ARG' padding. Fully mobile when you are riding, thin and light enough to feel comfortable against the skin, the ARG pad completely hardens upon impact to provide awesome protection. No longer do you have to feel an uncomfortable plastic cup rubbing against your knee and elbow at every turn. The ARG pads feel great when you ride and even better when you suddenly stop without warning. 

By focusing just on protective gear, Bliss Protection has been able to make sure they innovate constantly and don't get distracted by the 'next big thing'. If you want your on bike protection to be the best in the business, you need Bliss Protection. If you can't find the Bliss kit you want at Biketart, consult their main page and then give us a call - we will order the right Bliss Protection products for you.