Famous for motorcross products, Alpinestars moved into the mountain bike scene with a specific range of body armour, helmets, gloves, jerseys and shorts. Their focus is on trail, enduro and DH disciplines and they produce some great kit.

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Way back in 1963, a leather craftsman by the name of Sante Mazzarolo brought forth a future icon - which would one day become the globally recognised Alpinestars brand. Based in the small Northern Italy town of Asolo and with the perennial Alpine star flower as it's namesake, Mr. Mazzarolo began producing the first products bearing the Alpinestars moniker. At that time an exciting new sport going by the portmanteau name of 'motocross' was establishing itself in the USA and becoming quite popular across Europe. Thanks to the terrain around Asolo, Sante became quickly aware of the sport and realized an opportunity to apply his talents and technical acumen to design a new type of footwear that would meet the protective needs and demands of this beautiful yet brutal form of athleticism. The revolutionary boot that Mr. Mazzarolo produced and it's associated Alpinestars logo would become an archetype for motocross protection Worldwide. Alpinestars remain  the leading producer of motocross boots and motorcycle gear in the world, but they have also diversified over the years.

Most notably, Alpinestars spotted, very early on, the potential for crossover between motocross and mountain biking. Borrowing from their MX experience, Alpinestars were one of the first companies to develop downhill specific body armour. Will full protection jackets, core vests, knee & arm pads, DH shorts, as well as neck braces, there is an Alpinestars protection product for every need. The Evolution and Bionic ranges contain some of the most technically innovative features in the MTB world and the lighter weight Paragon kit allows unprecedented freedom of movement. With hard shell kit of brutal hits and 'soft' padding for enduro & trail riding, there is Alpinestars protection for every sort of mountain biking. 

Outside that body armour, Alpinestars produce some great looking trail riding, enduro and DH clothing in the widest possible array of colours. Long sleeve and shorts sleeve versions of most jerseys mean you can choose your style and season for riding in Alpinestars kit. A range of 3/4 jerseys are great for elbow pad wearers too. Their full feature riding shorts come in padded and unlined versions, depending on your personal preferences. Thanks to their technical expertise, Alpinestars also make some of the world's most advanced and comfortable bib shorts (also fine if you...want to ride on the road).

Thanks to more than fifty years of experience with bars & grips, Alpinestars produce some of the finest performing gloves you can possibly slips your hands into. From full bore MX style mitts with massive amounts of protection, to super minimalist offering, Alpinestars have got you(r hands) covered. Winter is not a problem either, as their gloves run to serious thermal protection, as well as a great array of tech layers to keep your core, arms and legs toasty.

Wherever your riding takes you, there is Alpinestars riding kit to take you there. From downhill, to enduro, to trail, to (cough) road & gravel, Alpinestars produce the riding wear and protection that you need. If you can't find the Alpinestars kit you need from the Biketart website, just check out their main page and give us a call - we will order what you are looking for.