Product Reviews for Invisible Bike Frame Protection

Great protection

Great quality tape. Decent thickness and useful width. Easily cut and fitting isn't difficult. Usual excellent service from biketart, putting the biggger companies to shame!

October 6, 2018
Good value

This tape is good value as, although quite expensive, you get a lot of protection. It's not as thick as some much more expensive alternatives but looks unobtrusive on the bike and will probably be sufficiently protective. It was unbelievably difficult to remove the backing but eventually it was possible by following the enclosed instructions.

April 17, 2018
Great Bike Protection

I've used Bike Tart's biketape for all my bikes over the years as I find it easy to apply and it works well. It's also not too hard to remove should you want to remove it/replace it with more. You do need to have a little patience but the result is well worth it and the bike paint will stay well protected from chips and scrapes for a long time - depending on how you ride your bike! Great stuff and great service/despatch time from Bike Tart 10/10 :)

January 27, 2018
A bit tricky

The tape is thinner than I expected. From other reviews I expected more padded tape.I ordered the 7.5cm width tape and the width is actually slightly larger than this by a few millimetres.I found it tricky to apply even when following the instructions and after watching video demonstrations. It's fairly easy to apply to straight parts of the bike but not to curved areas.Spraying the bike frame with water with fairy liquid did help to reposition the tape but it is difficult to remove all air bubbles. I suppose it takes a bit of practice but, even once I had gotten used to the method, the finish wasn't "invisible" as I'd hoped. Looks a bit scruffy, even though I didn't rush when applying.

July 29, 2017
Good but not great

Can't fault the service from Biketart, prompt delivery and good service. However, the tape is not so good. It is much thinner than those offered by others, it seems as though it won't take much to puncture it. As it has a plastic backing it attracts bits due to the static nature of the backing. I was able to use water and washing up liquid to slide the tape into place, however once stuck it stretched out of shape when trying to reposition it. Also, when you do lift the tape it looses it stick straight away. Using a hairdryer doesn't allow too much in the way of stretch around curves. I did follow guides from the web on applying tape and had cleaned the areas with Isopropyl alcohol before I started. All in all I'll stick to the 3M tape and Bike Shield.

July 20, 2017
Great tape

Bought the tape and it turned up next day! Applying the tape was not difficult - just make sure the frame is squeaky clean and follow the instructions. Using a hair dryer to finish the application process is a good tip. After a weekend of riding in the French Alps the tape seems to have held up really well and done its job. Great product.

June 27, 2017
Clear Bike tape

This is definately the best frame protecting tape I have used and a first purchase from biketart which are also an excellent company tgo deal with.

June 22, 2017
Worked a treat

Applied the tape with what looks like good results so far; it's only been on a few hours!I can see it could be tricky, but as I applied to mostly straight members of the frame then didn't have too many issues.The tape looks sturdy and heavy duty, whilst being clear and pretty unobtrusive.To be honest the hardest part seems to be to separate the backing from the film.Happy to recommend the product on how it looks so far

May 30, 2017
Does what it says

Found this to be easy to apply after following the video. A bit tricky round some really curved surfaces but I just snipped some 'darts' and it went on a treat. Looks good. Yes, its not the cheapest but some other products are just glorified sticky tape. If this protects the frame of my new bike then its worth it.

March 7, 2017
Great product...but pricey

Like other reviewers, I agree this is a great product. It is quite expensive for a length of tape but worth it for the protection. Product arrived in 4 days although may have been delayed by garbled address.

February 2, 2017
Bike tape

I've used this tape since 2009 and it's still in the mtb frame from back then , brilliant stuff and easy to use .

January 26, 2017

A perfect and expensive products. The most negative point about it being it's TOO OFTEN OUT OF STOCK !

November 9, 2016
Very good product

This product is very perfect !Strong, transparent, easy to set and not turn yellow.One disadvantage : it's a little expensive.

August 1, 2016
nice finish

i bought this in 5cm and 7.5cm applied it using soapy water, its a little bit harder than applying thin signwriting type vinyl as its thicker and rubbery it texture, but the plus is you can bend and stretch it very pleased with the end result and would definitely buy more

July 27, 2016
Bike Tape

Did the job, requires some patience to get rid of bubbles.

February 29, 2016