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Continental Gatorskin Hardshell 700c Tyre

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Continental Gator Hardshell 700c Tyre


  • 700 x 23C, Black
  • £34.95
  • Usually available for despatch in 2 – 3 days
  • 700 x 23C, Black
  • £44.95
  • In warehouse, dispatched 1-2 days
  • 700 x 25C, Black
  • £34.95
  • Usually available for despatch in 2 – 3 days
  • 700 x 25C, Black
  • £44.95
  • Usually available for despatch in 2 – 3 days
  • 700 x 28mm, Black
  • £34.95
  • In Stock

After extensive market research, feedback from commuters all over the world showed us that a new type of tyre was in demand. Our Gatorskin race bike tyre had filled a gap for hardcore commuters but they wanted more; MORE casing; MORE breaker; MORE protection...

Taking the Gatorskin as our base, we've added a third Polyamide layer in the sidewall to make a unique 3-ply casing for the Gator Hardshell.

We've also added a wider Poly-X anti puncture breaker belt under the tread which extends down into the shoulder area for wider coverage.

Continental Gator Hardshell Tyre Hardshell Protection Features:

Hardshell Protection:

Aimed at hardcore fast commuters who need the speed of a race commuter tyre (ie Gatorskin or Grand Prix) but bulked out to provide a tougher cross section in case of that unseen pot-hole or scuffed sidewall on the curbs
Currently limited to our new Gator Hardshell tyre - launch Jan 2010
Using a new type of casing design which folds three times from bead to bead to form a 3 ply sidewall (usually 2 ply)
Anti-Cut Duraskin from bead to bead
Extra wide Poly-X-Breaker under the tread extending into the shoulder area
Extra tread rubber / Longer mileage
Breakers Our basic range of tyre also feature puncture protection in the form of either a hardened rubber layer underneath the tread, or a single lightweight nylon belt
Tyres like the "RIDE" series and our UltraSport road tyres feature this technology
Dura Skin:

Improved sidewall protection
An extremely durable polyamide mesh that protects the extra-fine, high performance casing from cuts, punctures and abrasion
Lightweight durability
Less than 10g per tyre, Duraskin has a very high strength to weight ratio meaning that cyclists benefit from superb anti tear protection whilst still experiencing lightweight performance from their tyres.
High Tech appearance
You'll know when one of our tyres features Duraskin. The dark brown fabric is applied externally to the tyre casing priot to the addition of the tread in the manufacturing process. This means that Duraskin is teh first line of defence against intrusion, increasing the chances of sidewall survival significantly in the event of hitting a foreign object.
Poly X Breaker:

New processing techniques enable us to improve existing technology resulting in such features like Poly-X-Breaker.
We use polyester as a breaker material and rely on our experience in car tyres to utililize this material to the maximum benefits in cycle tyres.
The advantages lie in the additional crossing of the individual fabric weaves in manufacturing, giving a densley woven seal with minimal space between the threads - result, Poly-X is very resistant to foreign objects without increasing the rolling resistance of the tyre.
Tyres featuring Poly-X-Breaker Grand Prix.

Modelled on our famous Gatorskin race bike tyre
More reinforcement for the modern commuter
Including our Duraskin & Poly-X technologies
All wrapped in a Hardshell

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