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Privateer Magazine Issue 4

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Privateer Magazine Issue 4

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Privateer is for mountain bikers who already know the obvious; for riders who have paid their dues in sweat and dust and broken bone, and are irrevocably hooked.

If you’ve got mountain biking and it’s got you, a deep emotional connection exists that is agony to even try and explain: a permanent bond with the trails, the sounds, the fear, the great outdoors, the beads of sweat, the coffee and cake, the beer – a bond between rider, bike and terrain that grips forever.

You do not want to be told what to buy, how to ride or where to go. You much prefer to get closer to the spirit of the thing. We aim to remind readers why they got into mountain bikes in the first place and why they continue to love it. 


Issue 4

ONLY CALCULATE — How to plan your life like a downhill line
CHARLES KELLY — Cycling? Forget it! I’ll just ride dirt
CHEEKY TRAILS — This daft footpaths/bridleways thing, is it for ever?
THOMAS FRISCHKNECHT — On the Olympics, TV and Hadleigh Farm
RAY’S REDEMPTION — How cocaine and vodka changed the face of winter
WILL LONGDEN — Standing outside the course tapes just feels wrong
HYPE IS GOOD — Why are we so precious about selling our great idea?
SOMETHING TO ENDURE — 24 hours solo? You do need to be a bit unhinged
BARNOLDSWICK TECHNO — That’ll be the amazing story of Hope then
ELEMENTS OF STYLE — Changing bikes and the way we ride now

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