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Truvativ X9 GXP 2x10 Speed Chainset

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Performance Trail Technology No matter what you throw at it, SRAM X9 keeps coming back for more.

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Performance Trail Technology No matter what you throw at it, SRAM X9 keeps coming back for more. The all new X9 family puts the SRAM 2X10 unrivalled shift speed and smoothness within easy reach of racers and experienced enthusiasts alike. You have performance trail technology you can trust to smoothly and quickly get you there and back again, no matter where “there” may be.


GXP: External Bottom Bracket Option
• GXP is different — and better. Other systems rely on side-loaded bearings to eliminate play, causing bearing wear. GXP captures the left-side bearing between the spindle and the left crankarm and allows the drive-side bearing to float axially on the spindle. There's no need to side-load bearings during adjustment. No excess wear. And a much simpler installation. Just tighten to the proper specifications and you're ready to roll, worry-free. GXP's two bicycle-specific cartridge bearings and eight seals ensure a smooth, long-lasting ride. Our new Gutter seal system takes a two stage approach in directing contaminates away from the bearings providing longer bearing life. GXP’s new Gutter Seal design also reduces friction, 35% less drag than the current GXP BB, improving rider feel and performance. Gutter seal system has deeper installation tool grooves which provide stability and support while applying torque to the adapter cups. Our new design and material choice has dropped 15g out of our GXP BBs.
• X-Glide is the common denominator that gives 2X10 unmatched shifting performance. Four identical upshift locations, ready to be picked up by any outer link. Result? Perfect timing, almost instantaneous shifts, up or down, even under load.
• Hollow Forged AL crank arms for lightweight super stiff durability
• X-Glide 2X10 shifting technology
• New GXP Bottom Bracket System featuring Gutter Seal Technology


• Arm Material: AL-7075
• Weight: 881 Grams
• Bolts: AL Double Hex Type
• Recommended Chain: 10 Speed
• Material Crank Arm Material: Hollow forged, Chainring Inner Position - Material 7075

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